Loewe & Co. - London, England

Here are some pictures of my pipes of the Loewe & Co. manufacture, a company which, for some reason, has never been as well known as, I believe, its pipes merited. Those which I have smoked (some remain unsmoked) have been fabulous smokers, very much in the Dunhill and Parker tradition of very English character. All these pipes are marked as Made in London W., and before the end of that company's own production in the early eighties. The Hallmark date puts most of them into late 1970's to early 1980s vintage and I have indicated the production year in the bracket. These pipes were thus made after the firm had been acquired by the Cadogan group but they still echo the excellence which the brand once stood for. Sadly, not much of their former glory survived into recent times under that ownership, and the grand old name may be stamped on any pipe which could also be sold as a Comoy, an Orlik, BBB, GBD, or any other former great brand these owners, unfortunately for pipe lovers, acquired.

Some say that, in their day, Loewe's were every bit as well made as those of that other famous London maker, and I might agree.  But A.D. also knew something about marketing, and the rest is, well, you know >:-)


Loewe Old English 901 (1982)

Loewe Old English 908 (1980)

Loewe Old English 910 (1982)

Loewe Mounted 901 (1982)

Loewe Mounted 920 (1982) Loewe Mounted 918 (1982)

Loewe Mounted 907 (1980)

Loewe Mounted 914 (1978)

Loewe Mounted 903 (l982)

Loewe Mounted 921 (1982)

Loewe Spigot 905 (1979)

Loewe Spigot 910 (1980)

Loewe 912

Loewe Army 910 (1981)

I would love to add to my knowledge about this maker and their pipes. May I invite all who could add their knowledge to drop me a line at
mwresag@wanadoo.fr ? Many thanks.

Manfred W. Resag